Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Website aims to provide an unparalleled customer experience. We hope that players have no complaints. In the event of a complaint, we kindly ask you to follow the steps below.

a) E-mail the Website on: [email protected]
b) Chat with the Website:

In order to proceed with the complaint and resolve it in a timely manner, you must be able to provide the following:

- Your identity
- Clear and concise details of the complaint
- Screenshots
- The complaint must be filed within 6 months of when it happened or the complaint, unfortunately, will become invalid
- If you require further information on what information to provide, please ask the support agent to send an email with all information required.

After reviewing your complaint, the Website will decide on how to proceed and close the complaint. After Website has concluded the review, you will be informed via an email detailing the outcome.

If you are unsatisfied with the decision, you may take further steps yourself. To do this, you will need to contact Gaming Curacao to complain which is free of charge to use.

There are two options open to you at this point.

a) Contact Gaming Curacao
b) Seek legal action

Contact Gaming Curacao if you are unsatisfied with the results of our complaints procedure above. You can refer your dispute to Gaming Curacao as soon as possible once you receive Company's decision.