Money transfers between players

Money transfers between players

Rules for exchanging money between players

Pokerbet players can transfer funds to each other within our system. In this case, the amount is deducted from the sender's balance and hits the recipient's balance.

Transferring and receiving funds is available to all verified players. You can make a transfer in the "Cashier" section of the Pokerbet website.

The minimum amount to transfer: 250 UAH (6 USD/6 EUR).

The maximum amount is:

- one-time 10,000 UAH (250 USD/250EUR)
- 100,000 UAH (2,500 USD/2,500 EUR) per day
- 300,000 UAH (7,500 USD/7,500 EUR) per week
- 600,000 UAH (15,000 USD/15,000 EUR) per month

Please pay attention to the rules of transfer between players:

1. To withdraw funds received via transfer, the recipient must wager in poker 10% rake from the transfer amount or bet 100% of the transfer amount in the casino, or place bets for 100% of the transfer amount in sports (counted after the bet is closed).
2. Accounts of transfer participants must be verified.
3. Transfers are not considered a deposit, and no first deposit bonus or any other bonus can be activated on them.
4. In case of mismatch of currencies in the sender's and recipient's accounts the funds will be converted according to the exchange rate specified on Pokerbet website.
5. Every transfer goes through the Pokerbet security check, which can take up to 24 hours.
6. The security service has the right to refuse a transfer without giving any reason.
7. The sender is not required to wager rake from the last deposit in order to execute the transfer.
8. Bonus funds that have not been wagered cannot be transferred to another player.
9. If the amount a player wants to return to the sender is bigger than the transfer that was received, then the recipient will have to wager the entire transfer amount.
10. If a player has received a transfer and wants to transfer money, he must first wager the transfer amount.
11. If the player has received the transfer, has wagered it, for example, in half and wants to transfer the money to someone else, such transfer is allowed in case that after the transfer the sum on the player's account is not less than the amount of the remaining hold.
12. The sender agrees that they can only transfer the funds to the recipient for the latter to use in the games and not for any other purpose.
13. The recipient agrees that they may only receive funds from the sender for the purpose of playing games and not for any other purpose.

We wish you a comfortable and successful gaming experience at Pokerbet!