Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

The Company is fully committed to promoting Responsible Gaming. Our goal is to provide a fun and enjoyable betting experience for all participants. While most players view gaming as a harmless leisure activity, for some individuals, it can become problematic. To ensure everyone maintains control, our website implements a range of responsible betting measures that allow customers to set limits on their spending.

Protection of Minors:

To prevent individuals under the age of 18 from using our services, we strictly enforce age verification. We request players to provide age verification information, and we reserve the right to suspend an account until appropriate age verification is provided. As an additional precaution, we encourage parents or guardians to install reputable filtering software, such as (free),,, or other alternatives like (free trial), to prevent underage access or enable self-exclusion if needed.

Gaming Addiction:

While gambling is generally considered a socially acceptable recreational activity, the expansion of legalized gambling has raised concerns about gambling-related problems in susceptible individuals. The Company does not onboard or continue business relationships with players who suffer from or develop gambling addiction or related disorders. Our Responsible Gaming Policy framework serves as the foundation for identifying risky behavior through an internal system. Clients who exhibit repeated losses, possible financial or mental health risks, or display distressing or abusive behavior when communicating with our staff are flagged by the system. We proactively contact these individuals to assess their situation and discuss options for self-limitation and/or self-exclusion.


We recognize that compulsive gambling is a genuine issue, and we encourage clients to take a self-assessment test to evaluate their involvement with gambling activities. Additionally, resources such as are available for further testing and information on virtual and in-person support meetings worldwide. Here are some tips to help you maintain control over your gambling:

- Avoid borrowing money for gambling.
- Set a loss budget before playing and stick to it.
- Utilize self-limitation tools.
- Remember that it's just a game.
- Take regular breaks or engage in other activities alongside gambling.
- Refrain from gambling when feeling negative emotions, stressed, or troubled.


If gambling stops being enjoyable and becomes an uncontrollable daily obsession, we strongly recommend activating the voluntary self-exclusion option. You can contact our Support Team via email or chat to request a temporary suspension of your account and to stop receiving marketing materials. We also advise seeking help from a mental health professional or reaching out to problem gambling support centers like Gambling Anonymous at or Gambling Therapy at Self-exclusion entails being unable to create a new gambling account, place bets, or deposit funds.

Operator Actions:

As part of our commitment to player safety, the Operator reserves the right to impose exclusion on players who exhibit erratic communication, show signs of mental illness, or display excessive dependence on gambling based on assessments and recommendations from our Client Care team. We may keep accounts closed or deny reactivation requests to ensure player well-being. Immediate attention is necessary when addressing problem gambling, and we are here to provide support and address any questions or concerns you may have.